Continuous Condition Monitoring
for Explosive Environments


After developing the FitMachine Fixed and working with major industrial organisations we recognised the need for an intrinsically safe sensor.

“We understand that there are extremely sensitive environments where equipment downtime directly impacts the bottom line. By providing the most advanced artificial intelligence-powered condition monitoring solution at a cost-effective price, FitMachine EX delivers a very compelling solution.”

Brad Parsons

MOVUS CEO and Founder

Why should I deploy FitMachine EX?

Real-Time Equipment Health Visibility

Monitor the condition and degradation of your equipment in real-time.
Manage hundreds of assets via the MOVUS Dashboard.

Minimise Unplanned Downtime

Receive early alerts via SMS or email when the condition of your equipment degrades beyond pre-configured limits.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

By reducing physical inspections, focusing solely on equipment that requires attention, lowering operating costs and extending the asset lifecycle.

Increased Safety for Workers

Reduce the need for inspections at heights, confined spaces and remote equipment.

Optimised Maintenance Operations

Focus the attention of your maintenance team on proactive tasks rather than reacting to failures or following OEM preventive maintenance schedules.

Fast Installation. No Tools Required

Quickly deploy the FitMachine EX sensor by magnetically attaching it to your equipment. Easily activate the sensor with the FitMachine App.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning algorithm collects samples and establishes the baseline of your equipment. Our artificial intelligence sends you early alerts when your equipment starts behaving abnormally.

Wireless Communications. No Cables Needed

Utilise your existing WiFi or our industrial gateway.
Simple or complex operating environments are easily supported.


Reduce your capital expenses.
Add our end-to-end FitMachine EX solution to your operating expenses.

One solution. One price. Everything included.

FitMachine EX Sensor


FitMachine App


MOVUS Dashboard

MOVUS Dashboard




FitMachine EX Sensor

The FitMachine EX sensor monitors a number of ambient conditions, including




This information is then monitored and processed by the MachineCloud using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Industrial Gateway

The best industrial IoT Gateway

The FitMachine EX sensor can connect to existing WiFi infrastructure, or use our completely standalone Gateway. Designed for harsh environments, the Gateway has expandable communication slots, perfect for long range antennas required in remote locations.

Designed for harsh environments

Expandable communication options

No need to go through IT

FitMachine App

Available for iOS and Android smartphones & tablets

The FitMachine App makes onboarding new FitMachine EX sensors & monitoring your fleet simple. Built for engineers by engineers, it has been optimised to be used in the field where efficiency and reliability are paramount.

MOVUS Dashboard

Deep insights & control

The powerful MOVUS Dashboard provides condition and degradation information about your equipment.

Works everywhere

MOVUS designs its web products to work on Desktops, Laptops, Tablet and Smartphones.

We ensure compatibility with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android devices.


The brain behind the sensor

Advanced Machine Learning

API Connectivity

A revolution in simplicity

Installation: Attach the FitMachine EX Sensor using its magnet. Installation complete.

Pricing: Simple, monthly charge per sensor. No other fees or charges.

Apps: Easy to use apps for every device. Custom iPhone & Android apps, & anything else via the MOVUS Dashboard.

Get started today!