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What our clients say

“Now my team is all across the FitMachines dashboard and emails. Personally, I check the FitMachine Daily Snapshot emails every morning to make sure everything is right, and also check the number of restarts as avoiding these are critical to extend the lifetime of the chillers.”

Glenn Vickery

Maintenance Manager, Contracts

The University of Queensland

Predictive maintenance is the future for commercial HVAC assets

FitMachine generates the insights that allow you to understand HVAC asset health, operating behaviour and importantly energy use – insights that allow smarter decisions to be made.

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Smart Buildings programs need smart data from HVAC assets

Keeping chillers, cooling towers, air handling units (and more) healthy

Predict the future

FitMachine’s advanced machine learning technology allows you to adopt industry leading predictive maintenance processes.

Elevate your maintenance

Decrease downtime. Reduce time and money spent on asset breakdowns thanks to advanced predictions.

Visibility of your entire fleet

Know exactly how all assets in your operation are performing in real-time. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Highly cost competitive

Reduce physical inspection costs, lower operating costs, extend asset lifecycle. And all with a as-a-service commercial model.

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We’re committed to helping commercial property owners and operators better use and maintain HVAC assets

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