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New Certification for FitMachine EX – Qld Underground Coal

MOVUS is pleased to advise that FitMachine EX is now certified for use in Queensland underground coal mines! This is an important extension of our existing intrinsically safe certification. Details of the new certification can be found here.

Continuous Condition Monitoring for Underground Coal

FitMachine EX is an exciting extension of our world leading continuous condition monitoring solution that is designed and manufactured in Australia. Utilising best-of-breed sensors, communications, and artificial intelligence into a low-cost platform, FitMachine EX provides 24/7 digital oversight across a wide range of fixed rotating assets in the most hazardous industrial environments.

Why Is This Important?

Ask any mine site ConMon team and they’ll tell you that often as many as 10% of assets due for regular time or route-based inspections are missed because of operational or safety considerations. This is why the “continuous” part of our solution is so important. FitMachine EX operates in those environments where it’s dangerous for humans to be so as to undertake an inspection or sample collection task. It acts as an early warning system for maintenance teams – detecting early stage changes in condition that left unchecked may lead to unplanned downtime or machine failure.

FitMachine EX gives your maintenance teams the opportunity to work smarter… Not harder.

The FitMachine Platform

Watch this video gives you a quick introduction to the FitMachine platform:

Want To Know More?

Simply get in touch with the MOVUS team via here. We can schedule a web meeting to discuss how our solution can help your maintenance operations.

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