Product Update
Reinard van der Leij

Jan & Feb 2020 Product Update

We’re just over two months into 2020 and it seems the world is changing around us – schools, universities and offices are closing, and remote work is becoming the new norm. Many of us operate in critical industries, like food, water, sewerage treatment and energy. MOVUS FitMachine is here to remotely monitor these and other industries during these challenging times. Join me as we review some of the latest features we’ve shipped to all customers in January and February.

New Emails

We’ve received a lot of feedback from customers around continuing to improve our emails, so we’ve rolled out a brand new, simple and readable design. The Daily email will be the last email to move to the new design. The new design is responsive on all devices (computers, tablets & phones) and works on a wide range of clients (including Outlook).

The new daily email has been greatly simplified and streamlined, with a lot of the functionality moved into the MachineCloud Home page. The new Daily email now gives an overview of your alarms within the 24 hours, alarms within the last 7 days, the percentage of FitMachines that reported within the last 24 hours, and a list of the worst condition equipment.

If you have customer feedback on this or any of our other features, we’d love to hear it. For more information or to submit feedback, check out the What’s New portal on MachineCloud.

International Units of Measure

Customers can now view MachineCloud in Inches, Fahrenheit and Horsepower. Users can personalise MachineCloud to display Metric (e.g. mm/s, °C, kW and kWh) and US Units (e.g. in/s, °F, hp and kWh).

Equipment Details Sidebar

We’ve heard some customers find some of the parameters in the Equipment Details sidebar confusing. For example, What does Tone mean? We’ve changed the messaging and context around this to make it more understandable, and rolled out a new “Info” dialog explaining what each parameter means. View a piece of equipment within MachineCloud to see the updates.

MOVUS University

We’re excited to release the first version of MOVUS University to customers, which is a new learning centre with tutorial videos explaining how to use the FitMachine solution. Videos cover hardware, software, installation, sign up and log in, etc. Explore MOVUS University.

Coming Soon

We’ve got a number of longer term features in the works, including web onboarding, better utilisation reports, and more. Along with the Daily Email, the following updates will be launching very soon:

Home Page Updates

The MachineCloud Home page will soon have a simpler design and include an overall fleet condition indicator, which gives you a fast and easy way of determining the health of your fleet in a single glance.

New User & Organisation Profiles

We’ll soon be launching new user and organisation profiles, making it easier to view the latest user and organisation activity, manage users and their equipment, and more.

Do you have feedback?

We’re on a mission to improve the efficiency and life of industrial assets and preserve the Earth’s resources while we’re at it. Remember, you can keep updated on what’s coming and submit your own ideas via the What’s New portal on MachineCloud. If you’d prefer to discuss your feedback, I’d love to meet with you – you can schedule some time on my calendar here.

Thank you for your continued business and stay safe.

Reinard van der Leij
Product Manager