Mark Parker

New Case Study – Matrix Polymers

In manufacturing, unplanned downtime is a profit and reputation killer, and also significantly impacts a manufacturers ability to hit OEE targets (as MOVUS discussed with OEE expert Clive Moore earlier this year). This new case study from Australian manufacturer Matrix Polymers highlights the value of continuous condition monitoring.

Why MOVUS FitMachine for Continuous Condition Monitoring?

Getting on top of maintenance and reliability so as to improve output and meet customer needs were key drivers for Matrix Polymers to consider FitMachine. In this YouTube clip, General Manager for ANZ Grant Paling discusses his thinking when considering FitMachine

Avoiding Unplanned Downtime

In this next clip, Paling discusses what benefits and ROI they’ve realised from deploying MOVUS FitMachine into their manufacturing plant.

You can read the full case study here, or watch the full set of YouTube clips here.

Take Advantage of our AMGC Offer

Matrix Polymers took advantage of the 50% off special offer that MOVUS has with AMGC support. The offer is open for Australian manufacturers with a turnover of less than $200m.

What you get in the AMGC offer

AMGC are generously subsidising the first year’s subscription for 10 FitMachine’s sensors and a Gateway. Your first year’s subscription is $5,000 – a 50% saving on standard subscription rates.

To find out more simply browse to this page and send us your contact details.